AGM - Meeting Summary

AGM - Meeting Summary

By Scott Theobold
6th June 2017
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Monday 05 June 2017, Fishersgate Centre, 19.30


1.0 Thank you for a decent turnout, especially parents from different age groups who added some vital input to the debate of key aspects of the club constitution.

2.0 Club Roles
Thank you also to existing managers and parent volunteers who have put themselves forward to fill the following roles, and we have also established a new 'Fundraising & Sponsorship Committee' which we hope can become a hub for new ideas, and attract new opportunities:
i. Fund Raising Committee
ii. Registration Secretary
iii. New primary webmaster
iv. Child Welfare supporting officer
These will be great additions for the club as it grows. If anyone wishes to help with any aspects of the club, whether fundraising, coordinating social media, or helping at events, please let me know. (

3.0 Financial Summary
Registration fees from players income: £22,079
Fundraising: £1825
Sponsorship: £2850

This included costs such as:
Registration fees to leagues etc. £2638
Insurance: £1425
Kit / Equipment: £8274
Match and Training facilities: £8879

Without the £4675 from fundraising and sponsorship, the club would be in debt and not able to continue.

4.0 Registration Fees
It was therefore voted upon by those in attendance to agree the following measures to make the club less reliant on sponsorship and fundraising which should be seen as a bonus for the children, not funding the actual running of the club. The following motions were debated and passed by unanimous vote:

4.1 U6 and below will remain at £60. The youngsters do not get entered into a league, they don't need much equipment, and they are essential to have coming through to form the U7 teams and beyond. We felt it important to retain that as an entry level cost.

The following rises then apply to the older age groups:
U7 – U10 = £125
U11 – U16 = £140

4.2 It was voted upon and approved to remove the sibling link discount from all age groups as this was complicating the payment process, and it was felt the offer of Fishersgate Flyers is already sufficiently cheap that families with more than one child were still getting great value.

4.3 Instalment payments will be retained through the website.

4.4 The cost increase for 17/18 we hope will raise an additional approx. £1500 - £2000 more in registration fees that will go toward reducing the reliance on fundraising / sponsorship and keep the club on a firm financial footing. This will be reviewed on an annual basis at the AGM.

4.5 The website will be updated shortly so that players can start to enrol and pay their subscriptions for 17/18. At the time of doing this, please ensure your child's details such as D.O.B, medical details, address and contact details are in their profile. Your details under your profile are separate from your child's, so you need to ensure both are fully up to date and that you receive communication from the site.

It was a very productive meeting, special thanks to Susana Kwatia as treasurer for producing such a thorough set of accounts that have enabled a detailed analysis of our costs. Thank you to our out going secretary Mark Gardiner who has worked so hard in the role, and passes over to Jason Chandler. I know they don't need thanks, but every manager, coach and volunteer does a huge amount and gives up a lot of time to run the teams - we have a lot to be proud of having had one of our most successful seasons, and hope we can go into 17/18 to achieve even greater success.


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